Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Another Hike, More Wild Creatures

Before scrolling down and enjoying today's photos, take note that during this hike we came across a dead alligator being picked over by scavengers.  There are a couple of photos of this darker side of nature at the very end of the post.

Our road to adventure!

On the lookout.

This turtle has the strangest face.  I don't recall ever seeing one that looks like this before.

Lurking in the murky waters, the gator waits for dinner to wander into his path.

We raced down the path to get close enough to this gator to photograph him.  He was crossing over an intersecting path from another body of water.

The trees are alive with the sound of scavengers.  This brings us to the pictures mentioned at the beginning of the post so stop scrolling now if you don't wish to see them.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Adventures In The Florida Wilds - Gatorpalooza

While I worked today, Nick went hiking at Circle B Bar Reserve and saw a heapin' helpin' of gators.  Here are some of the pictures he took.

This photo and the next show the number of gators that were out and about.  Nick's Facebook post sums it up, "Hiked 4.57 miles. Stopped counting alligators after 85!!!!!!! From babies to 12footers! Yuck 14 snakes!! HATE snakes! Two owls. 5 otters. 3 wild hogs. 3 raccoons! One a close encounter while it was eating snake eggs. 2armadillos and 2 baby armadillos. 2 bald eagles. Great day for nature."